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For thorough and effective treatments by professional dental hygienists, contact Charlestown Dental Centre



Sometimes the position of teeth can make cleaning hard with traditional bathroom supplies, or poor hygiene can lead to hardened plaque.

The expert dental hygienists at Charlestown Dental Centre are skilled and thorough with their cleaning and promise to give you peace of mind when it comes to your teeth and gum health.

For highly knowledgable and effective dental hygienists, contact Charlestown Dental Centre

Charlestown Dental Centre


Keeping your teeth properly cleaned is an important task, and we recommend you do it after every meal. Keeping it properly maintained and cleaned is the key to a happy and healthy smile. Unfortunately, many circumstances call for the assistance of a dental hygienist.


Once you have seen one of our hygienists, they will guide you on proper aftercare for keeping your teeth healthy. This might involve a new brushing technique or even the introduction of extra equipment such as flossing or interdental brushes.

Charlestown Dental Centre


A new technique for teeth cleaning is available in the form of Airflow teeth cleaning. This unique technique also has the benefit of helping whiten your teeth and remove any stains left by food.

Using our high-quality equipment such as Prophy Jets, Charlestown Dental Centre is ready to provide AirFlow teeth cleaning for all clients who request it. Our professional dental hygienists are fully trained and ready to carry out the procedure with the utmost care and attention.

For more information on the benefits of AirFlow teeth cleaning, contact Charlestown Dental Centre

Dental Hygienist FAQ

Where can I find a dental hygienist near me?

At Charlestown Dental Surgery in Finglas, Dublin, we have an excellent team of dentists, orthodontists, and dental hygienists. To learn more about our treatments, call us today.

What teeth cleaning methods do you use?

We use traditional deep-cleaning techniques for cleaning teeth, but also offer new modern solutions such as AirFlow for removing deep stains.

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