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For diverse and professional dental surgeries, contact Charlestown Dental Centre



For a wide range of professional dental procedures, you can’t go wrong with Charlestown Dental Centre. Our excellent facilities and friendly staff have almost a decade of experience in performing dental surgery and related procedures for clients of all ages and dental health.

We’re happy to have a consultation with you if you are unsure of what your symptoms could mean, and point you towards the appropriate procedure or treatment if necessary.

To hear more about a large selection of dental surgery and procedures, contact Charlestown Dental Centre

Charlestown Dental Centre


Wisdom teeth can cause you grief at the most inconvenient of times, usually requiring expensive procedures and time off from work or education. It’s important that you get the best treatment possible to make sure you’re back to full health and stop any more complications from arising in the future.

At Charlestown Dental Centre, our wisdom tooth extractions are reasonably priced and under the care of top-quality dental surgeons. They are ready to answer any questions you have and guide you through the procedure quickly and safely.

Charlestown Dental Centre


No matter how well we take care of our teeth, outside factors can sometimes leave them damaged or beyond repair, to the point where removal is necessary. Thankfully, treatments are available to remove troublesome teeth and replace them with subtle dental implants.


At Charlestown Dental Centre, we are experienced with installing dental implants regardless of what happened to a missing or removed tooth. The professionals at our dental surgery guide you through the procedure in a safe manner, and you’ll be leaving our premises with a comfortably installed and clean dental implant.

Charlestown Dental Centre


While teeth are important to take care of, your gums are just as important. Degradation or infection of the gums can wreak havoc on your teeth, regardless of the condition they might be in. It’s important to maintain gum health to the same level as teeth.

If your gums are looking worse-for-wear, you might want to consider one of the periodontal treatments available at Charlestown Dental Centre. Our deep cleaning procedures take care of both your teeth and gums, removing any hardened plaque or built-up dirt or food debris, and ensuring your mouth is clean and healthy.

For stellar periodontal treatments such as deep cleaning, contact Charlestown Dental Centre

Dental Surgery FAQ

What dental implant procedures do you offer?

We offer dental implants for all patients, as well as bone grafts. Our prices are available on our pricelist page.

When is the best time to get a wisdom tooth extraction?

The best time to get a wisdom tooth extraction is as soon as possible. This helps prevent further impaction on any surrounding teeth and prevent further pain.

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